Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Hashtag Trending – Uber launches a panic button, 3D printed human corneas, Tesla Model 3 finally gets recommendation

Uber launches a panic button for riders, a UK university 3D prints the first ever human cornea, and Tesla Model 3 finally gets the seal of approval from Consumer Reports after updating its braking software.

Cyber Security Today: Suspected malware from North Korea, a clumsy Internet provider and reset your router

Today's podcasts deals with another reason to follow best security practices, why technicians at ISPs have to be careful and a warning about potentially infected home routers

Hashtag Trending – Russian router hack; Lenovo Z5 teased; Canadian banks suffer breach

The FBI asks if you’ve tried turning it off and back on again, Lenovo’s new Z5 smartphone sounds impressive, and two Canadian banks are reporting a new data breach that affects customers.

Cyber Security Today: Malware found on new Android devices, protect your digital currency

Today's podcast covers a report that some cheap Android tablets have been found with malware, and how to protect cryptocurrencies

Hashtag Trending – GDPR’s complications; Canada protects net neutrality; Trudeau to speak on Canadian infrastructure

GDPR is here, and oh boy are the big tech companies paying the price, Canada moves to formally enshrine net neutrality into law, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be speaking about Canadian infrastructure this week.

Cyber Security Today: BMW cars could be hacked, British university fined for a hack, and more

BMW cars could be attacked, a British university fined for a hack and two-factor authentication comes to Firefox.

Cyber Security Today: Tougher European privacy rules coming, another computer processor bug found

Today's podcast covers Microsoft and the upcoming GDPR, another CPU vulnerability and an expansion of the Roaming Mantis malware

Cyber Security Today: A new variation of an old botnet, hold onto your digital wallet

Today's podcast covers a new version of the Mirai botnet, a caution on linking to MyEtherWallet and another cryptomining app discovered

Cyber Security Today: A crafty cyber attack is diffused, phishing is still hot and protect your brand

In Today's podcast two zero-day exploits are found wrapped together, phishers exploit phony HTTPS and attacks on the rise of brands

Cyber Security Today: Samsung patches, cloud security still wanting and a warning on shadow IT

Today's podcast deals with Android bug fixes released for Android phones, a fix for the desktop version of Signal messaging app and reports on cloud security and shadow IT

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