Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Cyber Security Today: A tricky new botnet, ignore smart phone popups and watch out for tunnels

Today's podcast covers the discovery of the MyLoBot botnet, a troublesome Android popup and evidence hackers are after financial institutions

Cyber Security Today: A less than secure padlock, hold off on Fortnite and school board woes

Today's podcast deals with a biometric padlock's troubles, stop looking for an Android version of Fortniite and what went wrong at Chicago's school board

Hashtag Trending – Tesla being sabotaged, Uber tests new cheaper fare feature, autoplay video ads coming to Facebook Messenger

Tesla is apparently being sabotaged, Uber is testing a new feature that lets passengers wait for cheaper fares, and Facebook is putting autoplay video ads in your private messages.

Hashtag Trending – Microsoft bets on education, Apple introduces new emergency feature, Google invests in Chinese e-commerce

Microsoft jumps headfirst into the education space, Apple will share your location when you call 911, and Google invests in Chinese e-commerce.

Cyber Security Today: Personal information accessed at Canada Revenue, Facebook’s war on terrorists and new banking malware found

Today's podcast looks into reported Canada Revenue privacy breaches by staff, Facebook claims it takes down terrorist material fast and word on a new Android banking malware

Hashtag Trending – Snapchat opens up to 3rd party developers, World Cup a testbed for new tech, Tesla announces full autopilot

Snapchat opens its platform up to third party developers, the 2018 World Cup is a testbed for new tech, and Tesla announces full autopilot.

Cyber Security Today: Email security worries, Apple ups iOS security and another processor bug found

Today's podcast infosec pros tell a survey how much they worry about email security, Apple is closing a door people could use to get into an iOS device and another Intel processor vulnerability found

Hashtag Trending – Apple’s new security feature, Microsoft and Walmart want in on cashier-less stores, Elon Musk and Chicago team up

Apple is working on a new security feature that would make it harder for investigators to get data off iPhones, Microsoft wants to make Walmart cashier-less, and Chicago is teaming up with Elon Musk to build high-speed transit tunnels to its airport.

Hashtag Trending – Tesla cuts workforce, AT&T cleared to buy Time Warner, Twitter updates

Tesla announces company-wide personnel cuts, AT&T has been cleared for its acquisition of media company Time Warner, and Twitter announces new updates to its platform.

Cyber Security Today: Paying ransomware, help for hunting child predators and arrests made for email fraud

Today's podcast discovers more businesses are willing to pay ransoms, a Canadian software company helps in the hunt for child predators and a Canadian is one of a group of people charged in the U.S. with business email fraud related offence

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