CanadianCIO Certified

CanadianCIO Certified


When you are searching for a whitepaper, few things are more frustrating than wasting time reading a blatant product pitch. CanadianCIO Certified documents eliminate the “fluff” by ensuring that each paper contains the all-important “Three R’s” – Relevant | Reliable | Reduced.

All the documents that bear the CanadianCIO Certified stamp have been reviewed by at least one CanadianCIO Certified panel member and been found to meet our criteria. Click here for a list of panel members.

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Document Assessment Criteria

  • The document has been reviewed by at least one member of the CanadianCIO Panel, comprised of senior IT executives
  • The document contains real and useful information – i.e., it is more than simply a vendor commercial or product fact sheet
  • While a particular product, brand or service may be mentioned, it is only mentioned in the context of a larger story
  • Overall, the content is portrayed objectively, incorporating lessons learned and concrete take-aways useful to IT professionals
  • Throughout the document, there is a sense that, to the degree possible, real challenges are highlighted and the benefits and potential shortcomings of any solutions are presented