Canadian Telecom Summit 2011

A roundup of our coverage of this year’s conference, ranging from the initial speech of the new Industry Minister to confrontations between incument wireless carriers and the new startups

New Industry Minister Christian Paradis marked the first day of the summit with his first public speech. He didn’t make any policy announcements, but did say his department is looking ways to free up more spectrum than it has promised.
Traffic management essential for LTE, summit told It won’t be enough for a wireless carrier to put in a next-generation LTE data network and watch the money roll in, a executive with a mobile text messaging firm told the conference. Traffic management, he said, will be vital in an era of an all IP-network.
After several years of delaying in passing antimalware legislation, Canada is ready to confront spammers. Read what the CRTC’s enforcer is promising.
One of the most anticipated, and entertaining, features of the summit is the annual Regulatory Blockbuster panel, where participants are expected to tell it like it is. This year was no different when officials from five wireless operators faced off.