Building Value Through Business Process Management in a Downturn Economy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stop 33 (33rd floor)
955 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2A2

The ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions has never been more important than in the crisis that has gripped the world’s economies for the past few months. What’s required is the ability to clearly see business processes and their interaction, and the ability to manage and modify them rapidly as business conditions dictate.

Business Process Management (BPM) addresses the first requirement and a flexible IT infrastructure enabled by a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) addresses the second. Learn how by attending ComputerWorld Canada’s Technology Insights session in Toronto on January 29th. Seating is limited, so don’t delay in reserving your place.

We’ll examine how other organizations have successfully leveraged BPM to enable a close alignment between IT and business. In such organizations, IT is viewed as a corporate competence that can streamline business processes and drive out costs throughout the organization rather than as a cost centre to be cut back in tough economic times.

And we’ll cover:

  • How BPM can enable better alignment with the business
  • Taking control — monitoring applications to dynamically tune business processes
  • Developing your strategy, including the prioritization of services that will provide the most value for your investment
  • Driving enterprise value by sensing and responding to patterns of business activity as they happen
  • How to get started — what can be done with BPM today

Join IT World Canada VP & Community Advocate, John Pickett and his guests Peter Beggs, IBM’s National BPM Specialist; Patricia Nielsen, IBM’s WebSphere Services Specialist and Paul MacKay, IBM’s Worldwide Leader, WebSphere Business Events.

Presentations will include:

  • Why BPM Now?
  • Leveraging Business Events Processing to drive value in your enterprise
  • Getting Started with BPM

Whether you are just thinking about BPM or already implementing it, you’ll learn how “Smart SOA” provides the essential elements of BPM at each stage of the journey.

Who should attend?

  • IT executives and Managers
  • System Architects and Software Developers, Business Process Analysts
  • LoB Executives and Managers interested in business agility