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What’s up for the Internet in 2003?

Eat your heart out, Miss Cleo. Our forecast for the Internet in 2003 is based on much more than psychic insight or a crystal ball.

What can you squeeze into a USB pen drive?

With the large number of USB pen drives hawked at the recent Comdex show, it may be only a matter of time before they come free inside cereal boxes.

Mobile gear gets a charge on the run

Murphy's Law loves mobile devices: Just when you need it most, your digital gear runs out of juice.

New tiered pricing comes to broadband

Looking to win over cost-conscious consumers, cable broadband providers are rolling out tiered pricing plans that offer faster-than-dialup connections for as little as US$25 a month.

IBM unveils P4-powered ThinkPads

IBM is breaking in Intel

Days numbered for bulky PC monitors

The marriage of cathode ray tubes and computers is headed for the rocks. After decades of pairing with PCs, hulking CRT (cathode ray tube) displays are being supplanted by thin and flat LCDs (liquid crystal displays)

Free e-mail disappearing

An Internet Age update to the truism "there is no such thing as a free lunch" might be that there is no (longer) such a thing as a free e-mail account.

Microsoft updates MSN to release 7

Microsoft Corp. is unveiling an update to its MSN Web portal, revamping the look, adding content and

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