Tom Li

Tom Li
As an avid technology enthusiast, Tom loves to fix, break, and talk about electronics. Now he gets to writes about them. Talk about a dream career.

Intel launches 3rd-gen Xeon data centre processors

Intel's Ice Lake-SP arrives with 10nm+ transistors, 40 cores, and Sunny Cove core architecture.

LG closes its smartphone business

The once-venerable smartphone maker has shuttered its doors to focus on other businesses.

Social isolation is driving up fraud anxiety, says TD Bank

Feelings of fraud vulnerability are increasing as loneliness rise, but Canadians are taking measures to protect themselves.

Canadian spammer receives $75,000 fine

The highest fine ever issued to an individual for violating the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

BlackBerry and Girl Guide Canada issue over 5,600 Digital Defenders crests

The cybersecurity badge gained wide interest in the year since its release.

Intel announces standalone foundry services group, updates technology roadmap, and more

Intel's new chief executive officer Pat Gelsinger made a series of announcements at the Intel Unleashed event on March 23, outlining the company's technology roadmap, the launch of a new business unit, and its plans to launch semiconductor manufacturing plants in Arizona.

SaskTel to build 5G network with Samsung hardware

Samsung continues to entrench itself in Canada's telecom vendor space.

Intel 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake-S’ processor features: Cypress Cove, overclocking and more

Intel's Rocket Lake-S lands with a backported core architecture and improved overclocking features.

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