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Why China Mobile isn’t right for the iPhone

A journalist believes the carrier's homegrown wireless standard will keep the hot handset from its shelves. Apple won't make a version of the phone to work only in one country, or one with multiple 3G standards

Foreign journalists will experience Internet censorship in China

International Olympic Committee admits to accepting a deal with Chinese officials that permits Internet censorship during the Olympic games

China blocks press access to certain Web sites

Journalists at the Chinese Olympic press centre experience difficulties with the promised open reporting environment

China tops 250 million Internet users

The numbers are astonishing: China added 43 million new Internet users in the first half of 2008, bringing the total number of online people to 250 million. Still, that represents only a small number of the potential users

Report: Microsoft prepares new bid for Yahoo

The Wall Street Journal says the world's largest software company is teaming up with Time Warner and News Corp. to take a second run at the search engine and portal player

Beijing 2008: A ‘high-tech’ Olympics

Our Beijing bureau takes a look behind the scenes of the $400-million-plus IT undertaking that is the Summer Olympic Games in China

China’s 3G system to grow after Olympics

System now in trials will be expanded to 10 cities, says government minister

Democrats overseas will be casting their e-ballot

Members of Democrats Abroad in China will be eligible, along with fellow party members in other countries outside the U.S., to participate in the first-ever Democratic Global Presidential Primary, a party initiative to increase voting options for Democrats living overseas, including e-voting.

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