Friday, August 12, 2022

sophie curtis


Amazon hails era of ‘utility supercomputing’

High performance computing on-demand will revolutionise scientific research, claims AWS

Anatomy of an Anonymous attack

A maker of security solutions says it has created an outline of how the Anonymous group attacks its victims that may help organizations

Flexible working policies attract talent

A recent survey of workers and managers by Vodafone suggests that flexibility to work from home is valued more than money, and that workers today expect more flexibility

EMC launches Isilon NAS w/ Hadoop int.

EMC has updated its Isilon scale-out NAS appliance to provide integration with the HDFS protocol

Cisco: software to be

Padmasree Warrior says software can give Cisco a competitive advantage

More intelligent network operating system coming: Cisco

At a London conference, the network equipment maker says software will become one of the company's core competencies

Ubuntu creator: be wary of cloud lock-in

Canonical and Citrix highlight the pitfalls of proprietary cloud computing

SQL injection in 97% of data breaches

Barclays calls for better information security management to protect against attacks

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