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Intel employees deploy hotspot on North Pole

Intel Corp. has admitted it is contributing to global warming

Microsoft aims for students in Africa, Middle East

Microsoft Corp. is hoping to indoctrinate new technology users in the Middle East and Africa with the introduction of three new localized education initiatives. The programs, which encompass learning portals, technology curriculum, teacher resources and grants, were unveiled Monday by Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer at the company's two-day Government Leaders' Forum in Dubai.

Microsoft tunes up for BI market with Maestro

Microsoft Corp. is extending its reach in the business intelligence market with a private beta release of a server-based scorecard application intended to help organizations monitor and manage objectives. The new application, code-named Maestro, builds on the technologies originally released last year in Microsoft's Office Business Scorecard Accelerator.

Mobile software provides bigger Office, better surfing

Microsoft Corp. is set to unveil Tuesday the next version of its Windows Mobile operating system, codenamed Magneto, according to sources familiar with the situation. Details of the new mobile OS have been scarce, but an online review of a leaked version of the software cites improved navigation and contact functions, as well as a significant expansion in Microsoft Office for PDA capabilities.

Longhorn won’t lock horns with Google

Microsoft Corp. may have a keen interest in search, but its next-generation Windows operating system looks to be more of a threat to super-organized executive assistants than to Google Inc. Although the software maker has been steadily investing in search, its upcoming operating system, code-named Longhorn, is taking a new tack when it comes to helping users locate desktop files.

Microsoft looks to create more ‘standard’ users

For security's sake, Microsoft Corp. wants more desktop business users to be '"standard." The next generation of the company's Windows operating system, code-named Longhorn, will allow users to perform more tasks under the standard setting in an effort to reduce the amount of users running software under the administrative setting, according to Brad Goldberg, general manager of Microsoft's Windows Client Business Group.

Study: Europe makes greatest gains in ‘e-readiness’

Europe is creating a thriving e-business environment by driving broadband growth and investing in public and private Internet initiatives, according to a report released Wednesday.

principal analyst, Gartner

The IT services market is finally making a moderate comeback in Western Europe, but the growth still doesn't mean easy money for providers, Gartner Inc. analysts said Monday.

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