Friday, August 12, 2022

Phil Hochmuth


Software routes cable to mobile phones

Avaya Inc. last month announced new software aimed at integrating users' mobile phones with the company's Eclips line of IP PBXs.


Foundry Networks Inc. has introduced software for running and managing its switch family, as well as a new gigabit module for tying switches to a corporate backbone.

IP telephony rings off the hook

When it comes to rolling out converged networks, early adopters of IP PBXs are trying a variety of attack plans ranging from the toe-in-the-water approach to full-bore immersion. However they do it, network professionals are finding that in addition to saving big bucks, simplified management and unified messaging applications were the biggest payoffs for running their phone networks over IP.

Package takes PBX out of VoIP loop

IQ NetSolutions Inc. will soon announce a line of distributed voice/data convergence products that could give customers a glimpse of a future without PBXs or call servers.

10G Ethernet building momentum

This year, the light meets the fibre in terms of getting 10G Ethernet products tested for prestandards compliance, say some engineers behind the technology.

3Com ramps up its NBX VoIP system

3Com Corp. this month introduced a new version of its IP PBX with five times the user capacity of its current NBX 100 LAN telephony box. Also on tap are new NBX handsets that allow users to make calls by beaming phone numbers from a Palm device to the phone.

Avaya switch primed for convergence

Avaya Inc. has unveiled a backbone switch with twice the capacity of its previous high-end offering, plus upgraded software for prioritizing network traffic. The combination is aimed at companies building converged voice and data networks.

Cabletron split-up: one year later

One year after Cabletron Systems Inc. reinvented itself as four "start-up" companies, users and analysts are giving the move good grades.

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