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Beijing’s iPhone turmoil a lesson to Apple: analysts

Apple has suspended sales of iPhone 4S at company stores in China following an egg throwing incident

Beijing Apple store egged over canceled 4S sale

Customers waited through freezing cold, but were then told iPhone 4S sales were canceled at the store

Huawei asks U.S. to explain exclusion from emergency network

The Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor wants the U.S. Commerce Department to explain its exclusion from the project

Dell launches new ultrathin laptop first in China

The company's XPS 14z is slated to arrive in other regions later this year. Dell noted that China has become the world's largest PC market

Google says China has renewed its content provider license

The license allows Google to operate its China-based site Google.cn. Last year, the company's license renewal appeared to be in doubt after Google decided months earlier it would no longer censor its search engine results in the country

Top Chinese official warns Sina’s Twitter-like service

Sina Weibo, a social networking platform, has 200 million registered users. Despite the censorship, Sina Weibo has become a platform for users to expose scandals and criticize government officials

China overtakes U.S. in PC sales earlier than expected

Sales and shipments of PCs in China outweighed those in the U.S. in Q2, but the U.S. will be back in the lead in Q4, says research firm IDC

Baidu criticized for fraudulent keyword advertising

China's state-run TV network reported Baidu's ad platform can be abused. The news reports, however, may just be the latest sign Chinese authorities want to better regulate the search company given its near monopoly over the country's market

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