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Cloudsleuth, currently in beta, offers a range of cloud information including response times to gauge service provider performance. Security is not yet part of the community

3par offers new type of data tiering

Company says its technology allows the combining of multiple storage tiers within a single volume for a lower overall cost per gigabyte than Fibre Channel-only configurations.rn

Video to dominate networks within 3 years, Cisco says

The company said it would continue to release a slew of products to ride the video wave. Find out more about Cisco's plans

Businesses losing battle against employee apps

Corporate firewalls are crumbling in the face of an employee app onslaught, according to a recent survey by security firm Palo Alto Networks

Green computing is a lot of lip service: Survey

Only a third of all companies took steps to reduce their carbon footprints, despite the growing interest in environmental issues. How employees rate their firm's track record so far

European users look to increase demands for storage

Storage continues to be a major concern for European IT managers and the indications are that spending on the technology is set to increase.

Converged networks on the rise

More than 80 per cent of large organizations are implementing, or planning to implement some form of converged network.

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