Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Kuriko Miyake


Hitachi releases smallest flash memory card

Hitachi Ltd. unveiled Monday a small-sized multimedia card aimed at mobile devices such as digital still cameras and PDAs (personal digital assistants).



Japanese government looks into open source systems

As the Japanese government prepares to introduce more electronic government projects next year, it has started studying open-source operating systems, in a move that could lead to the replacement of some of its Windows-based systems with open-source alternatives like Linux.

NEC to release desktop PC with 1GHz Crusoe chip

NEC Corp. will use Transmeta Corp.

Battle looms over successor standard to DVD

Two competing technologies which enable more than 20G bytes of data to be stored on each side of an optical disk are nearing commercialization, leading to fears that the industry could be split between support for one format or the other.

Japan to test biometrics for airport check-in

Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to conduct a trial using contactless IC (integrated circuit) chips and biometrics technologies to help accelerate the time it takes to check in at Japanese airports.

Hitachi joins push for CIM storage standard

Hitachi Data System Corp. and its parent Hitachi Ltd. will join other storage vendors in the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) Forum.

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