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Co-founder Jerry Yang leaves Yahoo

Yang resigned from all his posts at Yahoo effective Tuesday

Yahoo taps ex-PayPal pres Thompson as CEO

Scott Thompson will take over as Yahoo's new CEO on January 9, replacing Carol Bartz, who was fired in September

Google adds cloud-based SQL database to App Engine

The new feature adds a database option to the search engine giant's proprietary Big Table. Why enterprise DBAs might be interestedrn

Extreme Makeover: Facebook Edition

Your entire life on a Timeline. Plus, why Canadian users will get the first look at Netflix integration

Novell will shut down Vibe Cloud collaboration suite

After it gets taken offline at the end of September, its features and functionality will be fused into the on-premise version of the suite over the next 12 to 18 months

Yahoo forms Hortonworks, a new Hadoop company

Hortonworks' mission is to advance and refine the Hadoop technology so its use will spread among enterprises

Sega customer database hacked, reports say

According to media reports, information from 1.3 million customers have been compromised in the incident. The database of the Sega Pass site includes customer names, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords

Google buys social analytics vendor PostRank

Staff at the Waterloo, Ont. startup will join Google's staff in Mountain View, Calif.

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