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Cisco Secure PIX Firewall 535

Cisco Firewall Review: Screaming Throughput

Don’t fall for a denial-of-service attack

There is no defence against a denial-of-service attack. Just ask your security staff. They'll hem and haw and mention some products you can buy. But then you'll start hearing terms right out of the Vietnam War: "mitigate losses" and "acceptable casualty rate." If you're connected to a public network like the Internet, some bad guy will be able to devise a way to deny you service. Distributed denial-of-service attacks, in which hackers use hundreds or thousands of unwitting third-party systems to do their dirty work, are just a further iteration in the battles.

IPv6 offers no compelling reasons to switch

Recently, I had a chance to dine with some of the top network implementers in the world: the people who put together NetWorld+ Interop


A client was saying,

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