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New Juniper routers converge the access net

ACX line will provide a single platform supporting multiple access points into a service provider's network

Juniper acquires content delivery technology

In buying the BitGravity technology, Juniper is expanding offerings from its Content and Media division, which includes MediaFlow content management products

Cisco sending enterprises to the cloud

Router-WAN optimization bundle aimed at allowing organizations to better take advantage of connectivity to cloud services

Startup emerges to push software-defined networking

The company's product is a distributed software platform for virtualizing Layer 4-7 services including load balancing, firewalling and VPNs

Cisco touts new framework for cloud computing

Dubbed CloudVerse, it includes cloud-specific management applications for the UCS servers, Nexus switches and ASR edge routers

Cisco folds net management into new cloud group

Shuffle is another sign that the company wants to be known as a broader IT vendor than just a network equipmment maker

Chambers: Cisco’s Q1 solid, more work needed

"Our challenge is enterprise routing at the low end, where low-end routing is actually folding into many other different ways of accomplishing the same goal," CEO says

Fabric wars: Cisco vs. Brocade vs. Juniper

IT managers are faced with an array of choices for converging data centre architectures. Here's a primer

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