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PC blade maker ups tool set

ClearCube is stepping up its focus on tools to manage its PC blades, as well as those from other vendors, as enterprises show growing interest in centralizing their compu

Global trends turning data centres green

As IT buyers focus on finding the most energy-efficient and coolest-running data centre systems, another environmentally friendly trend is taking off in the industry: the requirement to build hardware free of toxic substances.

Toronto hospital goes long for radiation therapy

As director of technical systems for the radiation medicine program at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Terry Michaelson is intimately familiar with the idea of fault tolerance.

Linux to wear virtual hat

Red Hat recently laid out its strategy to make it easier for customers to run and manage their workloads in a virtualized Linux environment.

Linux-based software tackles virtualization

SWsoft last month announced upgraded open source software that it says enables customers to move a virtual server and its contents to a new physical server without service interruption.

Thinking through virtualization

Over the past year, server virtualization has become a new data centre technology du jour. Microsoft, competing head-on with VMware, has its Virtual Server 2005 (which will soon even support Linux). Meanwhile a host of startups are putting novel spins on the technology.

Aspect reaches out beyond the call centre

Aspect Communications, which specializes in call centre workforce management applications, is updating its self-service software so customers can expand their use of speech-powered technology.

IBM readies high-end mainframe

IBM Corp. is set to unveil an update to its high-end z990 mainframe that analysts say will enhance the system's reliability and security and bring as much as a 40 percent performance boost to the box that is aimed at corporate users running very large database and transactional systems.

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