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Investor to take over Corel

The struggling office software company agrees to be swallowed by its largest investor

SAP ‘not delivering on innovation’ user group claims

Oh, yes we are, says ERP giant's new UK MD.

PC makers, stores see $$$ in Windows 7 hype

PC manufacturers and electronic stores in Canada and the U.S. believe new graphics and enhanced user interface features offered by Windows 7 will help them move more machines

ASEAN CIOs delving deep into business

A recent survey of IT leaders from around the world, showed that CIO from the Southeast Asian region are increasingly recognizing the need to develop business skills

NetSuite delivers cloud computing to fast food chain

With new locations opening at an average of one every two days, the Philippines


A look at some of the meanest (and a few of the funniest) hoaxes on the Web

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