Friday, August 19, 2022

Gary Hilson

Gary Hilson is a Toronto-based freelance writer who has written thousands of words for print and pixel in publications across North America. His areas of interest and expertise include software, enterprise and networking technology, memory systems, green energy, sustainable transportation, and research and education. His articles have been published by EE Times, SolarEnergy.Net, Network Computing, InformationWeek, Computing Canada, Computer Dealer News, Toronto Business Times and the Ottawa Citizen, among others.

Riverbed update focuses on improving UC and end-user device experience

The latest release of SteelCentral builds on product updates announced last month, integrates the recent Aeternity acquisition, and address the grow need for enterprise Mac management

Nascent Google development language shows promise for more productive coding

Go is well suited for networking, distributed functions or service such as APIs, Web servers and minimal frameworks for Web applications.

Prepare network systems for the upcoming leap second

On Dec. 31 atomic clocks connected to the Internet and telecom providers will add a second to NTP servers. Make sure your equipment and operating systems are ready

Cloud is at the heart of digital transformation, make sure DevOps is too

Top performers break out services into categories to develop an onboarding platform driven by people and processes

IT must communicate liabilities and consequences of technical debt

Left unresolved, technical debt can have serious ramifications for the business, threaten ROI of technology deployments and hamstring digital transformation

Oracle maintains cloud-centric course as enterprise IT budgets remain flat

This year’s OpenWorld sounds a lot like last year’s, although Oracle is starting to see uptake from organizations that it couldn’t previously serve with just its on-premise enterprise software offerings

Latest round of CFI funding focuses on data-rich research

After nearly two decades of funding research infrastructure, the Canada Foundation for Innovation is looking to improve sharing of data and equipment across institutors and borders

The network holds the key to rapid troubleshooting IT issues affecting end user experience

Wire data is increasingly important as a means to future proof availability and performance management as it becomes a source of information and a springboard for analysis of the entire IT infrastructure

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