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Five tips for mastering data governance

Business intelligence is a crucial tool for attracting and retaining customers, adequately measuring company performance, and delivering flexibility, challenges remain. One of the most important: data governance. To the rescue: five dirty data practices you may be guilty of, and five ways to clean them up.

Seven ways to kill innovation

While innovation may be the obvious business mandate, plenty of companies are guilty of creating a culture where a good idea has as much opportunity to take root as most of us have of winning the lottery. Find out if you or your company is guilty of squashing good ideas and their growth.

Learning how to listen up

Do you think you are a good listener? Here are some habits you should avoid.

Seven highly effective ways to kill innovation

Innovation doesn't just happen, it comes from careful tending of creative teams. Find out if you or your company is guilty of squashing good ideas and their growth.

CIO soft skills: Techniques to stoke your emotional IQ

From entry-level coders to C-suite executives, few have the luxury of a lone wolf mentality. Emotional intelligence and "soft" skills are must-haves for today's CIO and other IT professionals. Research shows it's your soft skills and emotional intelligence that determines everything, from whether you get promoted to how happy you are at work. Luckily, with knowledge, awareness and practice, you can boost your EI.

IT depts. should embrace – not eschew – Web 2.0, says expert

Web 2.0 challenges base assumptions of a lot of people, particularly IT professionals working inside big businesses. There's this technology that's just sweeping out there in the consumer space and it doesn't fit in with their world view. They don't understand it - so they resist it.

Map your way to success

Few travellers would attempt a drive somewhere new without a road map. Similarly, a strategic road map distills what can be the complicated landscape of an organization

Private spaces make Internet business-class

Increased corporate investment in new virtual private networking technologies indicates that companies now recognize the Internet as a business-class network, according to a survey by Forrester Research.

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