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Dumb gets smart with VoIP and P2P

Alternatives to the traditional telephone company are now available that capitalize on the previously broken promises of voice over IP: cheap, hassle-free local and long-distance phone service. Business models built around providing services from the centre of the network delivered out to devices at the edge

Crossing the information flow hurdle

Several big problems with the Web today are preventing the flow of information, resulting in roadblocks to Internet-enabled commerce, which costs lost dollars for business and headaches for you and me.

Firefox hardly the odds-on favourite

The browser war is back on

Code share and code share alike

C can stand for co-operation, collaboration and cost reduction. But most importantly, C stands for change, as in change from an insular bubble approach to IT to one focused outward.

Opening up to a new IT department

Whatever happened to the promised revolution? The hope was that there would be a mass exodus from expensive packaged software to a Web-based share-in-scaled-economies approach. Hope still remains and it

Web services get the yellow light

Though Canadian CIOs understand that the road ahead includes Web services, their current approach is 'proceed with caution'. We talked to several Canadian IT executives about how they're rolling out the technology. And how they're attempting to mitigate the risk.

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