Friday, August 19, 2022

Dave Webb

Dave Webb is a freelance editor and writer. A veteran journalist of more than 20 years' experience (15 of them in technology), he has held senior editorial positions with a number of technology publications. He was honoured with an Andersen Consulting Award for Excellence in Business Journalism in 2000, and several Canadian Online Publishing Awards as part of the ComputerWorld Canada team.

ComputerWorld: Winn Schwartau at SC Congress

The security guru talks about the evolution of the threat landscape, and why IT wants to "kill the users." With Dave Webb


Why would anyone strap an iPad to his hand? Dave Webb goes hands-on (or is it hands-in?) with an unusual iPad accessory.

In Conversation: Evan Powell, Nexenta

The CEO of the storage software company explains why mimicking the computing model of separating software from commodity hardware can change the storage business....

Tech Outlook: IBM’s Worklight platform

Michael Gilfix, Business Executive for the IBM Worklight mobile platform, speaks about how developers can build once and deploy everywhere with this solution.

Tech Outlook: Kaspersky on mobile security challenges

Kevin Krempulec, Vice President, Canada, Kaspersky Lab, discusses the many challenges posed in securing mobile devices: fragmented platforms, user-owned end points, and lost devices.

Tech Outlook: Keys to cloud security

Chaayanath (MK) Mysore, Vice President & Chief Information Officer for ADP Canada, says there's more to be concerned about than the Patriot act when...

The CIO Census

Is your budget heading north or south? Will you be outsourcing more in the next year? What IT initiatives would you fund - if...

Interview: Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels

The head of the interactive codes company explains why its solution could help revive magazines and newspapers.

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