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Google Nexus phone to focus on business

The search giant turned mobile handset maker is hoping to do for the business-minded what Apple hasn't with the iPhone. Find out where Google might be headed with the Nexus One smart phone

Sneak peek: Nokia’s Symbian OS upgrade

The next version of the operating system will have an improved interface

OPINION: 2010 could be year of Droid

Is this the dawning of the age of the Droid? Could be, as the popular device nears one million sold

What’s Google’s next move after Microsoft-Yahoo Deal?

After several years of courtship, Yahoo and Microsoft are finally shacking up. Google is still leading the search industry with 65 per cent share of the market. But for how long?

Too hot to handle

It's not just the sales of Apple's new smartphone that's heating up. Some users have reported discoloration of the iPhone's back cover due to the device running very hot

BlackBerry Storm to get WiFi ?

Improvements to Research in Motion's BlackBerry Storm due this September will include WiFi and a clickable touch screen

Programmer replaces lost finger with thumb drive

We can rebuild him we have the technology

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