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Palm’s reaching out

New management. New product lines. New strategic direction. It's no secret that Palm Solutions Group is working hard to turn around its fortunes. The company's recent line of Tungsten PDAs demonstrates a renewed focus on cutting-edge technology. New business-oriented software, including server-based wireless e-mail tools, have finally dragged Palm out of the "one PDA, one desktop" era. Now even Palm Inc.'s own CIO, Marina Levinson, is getting in on the act.

Fast content access

EMC Corp. has unveiled its new Centera line of products designed to provide corporations with quick access to large volumes of

Local application power

A recent report by analyst firm Yankee Group predicts that the next swing of the pendulum between centralized and decentralized applications will soon align with a new concept called client services.

Security spending spree to continue

Economic downturn or not, the enterprise security market remains strong


CIO (U.S.) compiled a list of technologies it thinks have a shot at making it big in 2002. The current economic climate makes the crystal ball even cloudier than normal, but these apps seem headed for the big time sooner rather than later.

Spending rebound predicted

The global economic slowdown put the brakes on significant amounts of IT spending.

Internet – Dawn Of The Information Utility

By 2005, today's version of Internet service will be replaced with a new model, the Internet utility, according to a recent Forrester Research Inc. report. But getting to this point will require work on the part of both technology providers-and the government.

Still growing strong

The year 2000 was a banner time for IT spending and staff workloads, according to the "2001...

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