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Beware the pod people

Are iPods really as innocent as they seem? Some believe that they pose a significant security risk to the organization. Here

RFID threats: Don

The recurring topic of RFID security flaws has been making headlines again lately. But unlike new e-mail viruses or Internet worms that demand the immediate attention of the IT department, this threat isn

iPods can pose risk to company security, warns CEO

The recent buzz about security threats posed by iPods to corporations has reinforced the need for IT managers to treat these devices like any other removable media that employees with malicious intent can use to extract sensitive data

Plans to detail RFID security thwarted at cybercrime conference

The Black Hat federal event in Washington, D.C. last week naturally showcased such speakers as a U.S. Department of Defense crime fighter, but it was controversy over a presentation about RFID security that generated the most noise.

Spam that delivers a pink slip

Last month, a handful of employees at Dekalb Medical Center in Decatur, Ga., received e-mails saying they were being laid off. The subject line read

Spearfisher fakes pink slips

A handful of employees at a medical centre in the U.S. recently received e-mails saying they were being laid off. The subject line read

Sendmail enters messaging security

On the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Internet e-mail, Sendmail is announcing plans to extend beyond its message transfer agent base into the world of e-mail security.

CipherTrust upgrades messaging security

Security company

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