Friday, August 12, 2022

Andrew Brandt


Tracked by your new suit

One day, not long from now, virtually any store, restaurant or business may be able to identify you, note what clothing you

A little bird that guards your online privacy

If you want to get detailed information about how Web sites use your personal data, then you need to listen to a little bird

The virus that won’t die: Klez

The klez worm is approaching its seventh month of wriggling across the Web, making it one of the most persistent viruses ever. And experts warn that it may be a harbinger of new viruses that use a combination of pernicious approaches to go from PC to PC.

Klez: The virus that won’t die?

Virus alert centers are bracing themselves for a new wave of Klez worm attacks this week: One annoying variant of the persistent pest is expected to resurrect itself July 6 to send infected e-mail. And, experts warn, it's likely to continue plaguing us unless we all clean up our acts.

Wireless industry moves to can the spam

Finally, there's some good news about spam. If that idea seems astonishing, you might want to sit down.

Decoy PCs trick hackers into teaching security

For the best security, hack the hackers, suggest security experts who have spent several months watching malicious intruders break into disguised decoy systems on the Internet.

Firms claim Lotus Notes has security flaws

Representatives of two security firms claim that flaws in Lotus Development Corp.'s Notes allow a skilled intruder...

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