The CIO-CMO Partnership: An Executive Discussion


    Download CIO-CMO Partnership: Executive Discussions to find out what fourteen senior level IT and Marketing professionals from different industry sectors had to say about their collaboration efforts and how they are leveraging technology, big data, and analytics to:

    • unlock new marketing opportunities by drawing deep insights from big data
    • understand each customer as an individual
    • create a system of engagement that maximizes value creation from big data
    • design a corporate culture and brand so they are authentically one.

    The explosive growth of consumer-generated content through social media combined with the proliferation of devices and channels has created an opportunity for organizations to better understand their customers and for CMOs to tailor marketing programs to the individual consumer. The advent of big data and the analytics that come with this present further opportunities to better connect with customers. Big data can be an effective tool to gain insight into purchase motivations, enhance marketing efforts, improve customer service and demonstrate ROI. Find out why the CMO and CIO need to collaborate to fully derive value from these emerging opportunities. Ultimately, this shift will redefine their roles, demand different skill sets and require organizations to adopt a customer-centric business culture that is authentically one with the brand.

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