Growing the Security Analyst


    The good guys at the front line of defense for many organizations are the Security Analysts within the Cyber Defense and Security Operation Centers (SOCs) of the world.
    At their best, these guys understand how the adversary thinks, what they are after, and what methods they use. They also understand their own networks, the assets on those networks, what matters to the business, and how systems and people behave. They understand how operating systems work, can disassemble a TCP-IP packet in its binary form and spot the bytes that are out of place. They understand the protocols and routing and services they are protecting, and the policies and standards they are enforcing.
    Good guys are tireless problem solvers that rejoice in following symptoms to their cause, can communicate in written and verbal forms across all levels of the organization, are advanced in using a wide variety of tools and techniques, work well in a crisis and under stress, and are vigilant and consistent in the execution of their duties.

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