Getting the real value from big data and analytics



    The Journey So Far

    In this white paper, we share our learnings with you in the hope that they may propel you further along your journey.

    What is Big Data and Data Analytics?

    One key discovery made is that Big Data and Analytics is not a destination, it’s a journey. While this might seem trite, it is very much true. Each company we interviewed was at a different stage of development. Each company saw the challenges in a slightly different way. And, each aimed at what can only be described as a moving target.

    Insight Leading To Action

    When asked to define Big Data and Analytics, we found that all definitions provided by the companies which participated shared similar objectives. No company pursues Big Data and Analytics for its own sake. They are all in search of a result—a concrete and measurable benefit for the effort and investment made in this area. What that result is and how it is measured depends on the particular company and context, but each company is in search of this basic aim.

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