Crime prediction and prevention from IBM. Policing smarter, not harder


    Officers and analysts are expected to fight crime by tracking and logging criminal activity, then connecting that gathered information with growing stores of already-collected data. This is an increasingly complex and time-intensive activity. Yet citizens expect law enforcement to continue meeting this challenge while operating under budgets that constrain or reduce the availability of resources s. Satisfying both the expectations and the constraints requires a smarter approach. One that focuses on stopping crime before it starts, and helps target serious and prolific offenders. Crime prediction and prevention solutions from IBM can help you reduce crime with a more forward-looking approach. These solutions help proactively reduce crime by integrating your current data, supplementing it with information sources you may not currently use, then applying predictive and identity analytics to help you recognize patterns, forecast future events, investigate and close cases faster and efficiently allocate resources. And that allows you to achieve more within existing constraints.

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