CI as a Strategic Driver of IT Business Value


    Increasingly complicated and resource-intensive, the management of corporate information technology infrastructure has long centred on the challenge of getting the pieces – networks, storage, servers – integrated and working together. With the implementation of Converged Infrastructure (CI), organizations can streamline the management of infrastructure and achieve enhanced performance, improved business continuity, and reduce risk and the total cost of infrastructure ownership by 25%.

    Equally important, CI is transformative, moving IT departments away from a reactive, capacity-focused response to meeting business demands and into a more strategic role of providing technology-based solutions that help the business to innovate and grow. Time for Converged Infrastructure provides a synopsis of three organizations and their experiences with CI and takes a look at the commonalities and differences in objectives and approaches. In each instance, change was welcomed as basic operational and financial processes of infrastructure management became less tedious, more efficient and reliable, and helped to drive business value.

    To find out how CI can help your organization, download a copy of the whitepaper here.

    As an added bonus, you are also entitled to two further offerings from EMC.

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