Bitsight Insights Report The rising face of cyber crime: Ransomware


    Learn how ransomware is evolving – and which industries are the most susceptible to attacks. Ransomware is a legitimate threat, with estimates from the U.S. Justice Department showing that over 4,000 of these attacks have occurred every day since the beginning of the 2016. As ransomware infections evolve, attacks have become more common across all industries. In this BitSight Insights Report, researchers analyzed the growing trend of ransomware across nearly 20,000 companies to identify common strains of this malware, and identify which industries are targeted most.

    Read this BitSight Insights report to learn:

    • How the rate of ransomware infections has grown over the past year
    • Which industries have exhibited the most ransomware infections
    • How businesses can directly mitigate the threat of ransomware infections, as well as infections originating from third party vendors and suppliers
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