Avaya Midmarket Solutions Aid Rapid Growth at Carlo’s Bakery


    Part of the growth challenge was maintaining Carlo’s Bakery’s high standards for customer service. Facing lines out the door, phones ringing off the hook and a rapidly growing online presence, the family realized it needed to an entirely new communications platform. For that, they turned to Avaya.

    “I always joke that our old call center customer experience model was, ‘Carlo’s Bakery, please hold,’” laughs Buddy Valastro. Avaya offered Carlo’s Bakery an alternative to piecemeal solutions. Avaya took Carlo’s Bakery from six phone lines to a state-of-the-art infrastructure to support critical applications on a 24×7 basis, including IP Office™ Platform, Avaya’s flagship solution for small and midmarket enterprises, wireless LAN, and data network solutions.

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