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Democratic presidential candidate hopeful Elizabeth Warren makes Mark Zuckerberg nervous, Facebook tests the removal of its ‘likes’ system, and Amazon’s cashierless Go stores are reportedly expanding to hundreds next year.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the potential election of senator Elizabeth Warren, who suggested breaking up the big tech companies, an “existential” threat to the company. The comments are trending across Twitter after The Verge published the leaked audio of Zuckerberg’s comments. The CEO also said that the potential break up would be met with a legal challenge, a challenge he believes Facebook would win. He added breaking up Facebook, Google and Amazon wouldn’t decrease the likelihood additional election interferences, and would actually create the opposite effect. Warren quickly took to Twitter to respond to the leaked audio, at one point tweeting “Imagine Facebook and Instagram trying to outdo each other to protect your privacy and keep misinformation out of your feed, instead of working together to sell your data, inundate you with misinformation, and undermine our election security.”

Trending on LinkedIn is the news that Facebook has begun hiding ‘like’ counts from its users in a test aimed at reducing the platform’s potential negative impacts on mental health. So far, it’s only being tested in Australia, following a similar experiment on Instagram which took place during the summer. Most LinkedIn users’ are supportive of the concept, and are encouraging Facebook to extend the pilot to other countries.

And lastly, also trending on LinkedIn, it turns out the technology powering Amazon’s cashierless Go stores might be coming to an airport or movie theatre near you. CNBC is reporting that the e-commerce giant, which has 16 Go stores with the cashierless tech, wants to have the same setup in hundreds of stores by the end of 2020.

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