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How Well Do You Know Your Apps? How to Implement a Continuous Application Monitoring Initiative

As the demand for accelerated application development increases, IT security struggles to keep up. Application security moves further into the realm of monitoring and protecting applications in production, and so it is becoming even more critical to adopt solutions that are automated, continuous and natural. New technology innovations from HPE Security Fortify enable practitioners to…

CanadianCIO Census 2016 Mapping Out the Innovation Agenda

The role of the CIO is evolving. They are increasingly perceived as top level executives that are being asked to weigh-in at senior meetings about non-IT issues. At the same time, however, the business side of operations is gaining sway over the IT budget and successfully dictating IT purchase priorities. Day to day priorities include…

3 reasons why Hyperconverged is the cost-efficient, simplified infrastructure for the modern data center

Want to know how to simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce costs through scalable infrastructure and increase reliability and productivity?

Why Lenovo for Hyperconverged?

Companies are constantly looking for less complexity and more agility from their servers. Hyperconverged systems are part of the new thinking regarding datacenter infrastructure technology.

The rapid growth of data

With emerging technologies like wearables, virtual reality and mobile payment platforms, enterprises are seeing an explosion of new sources of data. This rapid growth of data opens up huge opportunities for companies.