Symantec upgrades Web security portfolio

Upgrades to Symantec’s Web site Security Solution portfolio provides enhanced protection for Internet-based shopping, advertising and online applications for business and consumers, according to the company.Symantec also said it is offering for the

Published on: February 13th, 2013

FTC member rips into Google’s privacy efforts

Several major U.S. Internet companies, including Google Inc. and Facebook Inc., need to "step up" and better protect consumer privacy or face tougher penalties from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, a commissioner said

Published on: March 17th, 2010 Grant Gross

Botnet targets Web sites with junk SSL connection

More than 300 Web sites are being pestered by infected computers that are part of the Pushdo botnet, according to security researchers.The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Twitter and PayPal are among the

Published on: February 1st, 2010 Jeremy Kirk

Security pro says new SSL attack can hit many sites

A Seattle computer security consultant says he's developed a new way to exploit a recently disclosed bug in the SSL protocol, used to secure communications on the Internet. The attack, while difficult to

Published on: November 20th, 2009 Robert McMillan

Opinion: Can the SSL vulnerability hurt you?

The security blogosphere is agog over some recently published vulnerability information describing attacks against the venerable secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol -- you know, the one that almost the entire Internet relies on

Published on: November 13th, 2009 kenneth van wyk

SSL VPN hack vulnerability details to emerge

Confidential online connections like banking transactions made from public wireless hotspots remain vulnerable to attacks despite improved security that was supposed to fix the problem, researchers will demonstrate at the Black Hat security

Published on: July 17th, 2009 Tim Greene

What to do in response to the DNS bombshell

Security problems with the Internet Domain Name System revealed this week are probably the biggest vulnerability ever disclosed, a Canadian analyst says. At the Black Hat security conference, Dan Kaminsky, director of penetration

Published on: August 6th, 2008 Robert McMillan and Greg Meckbach