From left: Anaconda Mining Inc. CEO Dustin Angelo, SNC-Lavalin VP Nathalie Viens, and Schneider Electric Canada VP Martin Stephenson during a panel at the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data & M2M Summit on June 22. (Photo credit: Jennifer Rideout)

Schneider Electric’s three steps for implementing Industry 4.0

Manufacturing companies with visions of incorporating the latest automated, cloud-based, analytical tech into their production process need to recognize the...

July 6th, 2016 Eric Emin Wood

Image from Photo by Gonzalo Aragon.

Starting Up and Scaling Up as a Solo IT Tech

So you’ve been charged with single-handedly building and maintaining the company’s entire IT infrastructure.  And the only thing smaller than...

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Maximizing Space in the Small Business Server Room

Office space is at a premium for most small businesses, so those that get an actual room in which to...

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How Fleet Management Services Help SMBs Keep the Power On

Imagine you work for a small company with maybe a single staffer who is charged with looking after your IT...

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How to Ensure Proper Cooling for IT Equipment in Small Server Rooms and Branch Offices

To function properly, IT gear has operate within certain temperature ranges. If equipment gets too hot or too cold, it...

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Server Room Cooling Hacks for Cash-Strapped SMBs

When you’re working with a small server room and an even smaller budget, keeping the equipment cool is the least...

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How to Ensure a Proper Home for IT Equipment in a Small Business Environment

In the day to day scramble of running a small business, it’s difficult to anticipate every requirement. Perhaps that’s why...

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In the Cloud Era, Backup Power is More Important than Ever

More and more small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are taking advantage of cloud-based applications for everything from sales tracking...

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Three Small Business IT Security Solutions You May Not Have Considered

Everyone by now is well aware that IT networks are subject to various cyber threats, and small and medium size...

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