HP cloud service gives applications ability to protect themselves

With security breaches mounting in what can only be described as a terrible year for IT security, vendors are coming up with new services to help enterprises fight attacks. The latest was revealed

Published on: September 9th, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP expands BI consulting services

As organizations accumulate tens of gigabytes and more of data, they may feel they don’t have the resources to craft a strategy for leveraging it. They may even have some business intelligence capabilities,

Published on: August 28th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Hewlett-Packard gives peek at upcoming Gen9 servers

We have good news and bad news: First the good news -- a peek at the upcoming Gen9 ProLiant servers Hewlett-Packard will release in less than two weeks. The bad news is we

Published on: August 28th, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP, VMware team on software-defined networking solution

There's almost no end to the partnerships that have been announced this week in San Francisco at VMware's annual VMworld conference. A collaboration with Hewlett-Packard on a software-defined networking solution is one of

Published on: August 26th, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords that could catch fire

IT administrators with Hewlett-Packard laptops in their inventory should be checking the devices' AC power cord following a huge recall announcement from the company. It said Tuesday that some 6 million cords on

Published on: August 26th, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP to bring out low-cost flash array

As organizations spew out an increasing amount of data they increasingly wonder where they're going to store it all. Hewlett-Packard Co. has announced a slew of storage announcements at once to help administrators

Published on: August 24th, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP’s Q3 profit down slightly, though sales up, over a year ago

Hewlett-Packard's financial recovery is still rocky, though there are some encouraging signs. The company reported Wednesday that sales during the quarter that ended July 31 hit US$27.6 billion, up one per cent from

Published on: August 21st, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP offers analytics as a service

Organizations that have big data processing needs have a new option for crunching the number. Hewlett-Packard Co.has announced HAVEn As a Service, a cloud-based way enterprises can subscribe to several of its big

Published on: August 13th, 2014 Howard Solomon

HP offers lean virtual private cloud

Cloud computing must be getting competitive: Even the big companies are getting price-sensitive. For example, Hewlett-Packard Co. this week announced its Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud Lean, a managed infrastructure-as-a-service solution what is says

Published on: August 7th, 2014 Howard Solomon