The power of POWER8: Driving efficiencies and managing high workloads

The power of POWER8: Driving efficiencies and managing high workloads

IT servers have become the most pivotal resource of the 21st century, and the likes of cloud and Big Data...

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artificial intelligence AI

Mind vs. Machine: The future of cognitive computing in Canada

Machines have been aiding humans carry out mundane practices for decades, but do they have the capabilities to think like...

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Cloud Data Centre

The fundamentals of IT as a service

In this new era of computing IT, organizations are adopting an industrial model for services that support business change. Creating...

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How organizations can survive the ransomware battle

Imagine coming home to find that you’ve been robbed of all your personal belongings, private memorabilia and everything you hold...

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Soho VFX brings technology and imagination to the big screen

Whether you call it a movie, a film, a production or a talking picture, one thing remains the same: everyone...

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Dell EMC: Bringing financial services to the digital age

In the rapidly changing financial services market, digital transformation is reshaping how successful businesses approach the latest in security and...

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The three C’s of digital transformation: Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

The idea of a 9-to-5, cubicle-separated, punching-in-your-time-card work environment has become more of a stereotype than a reality.  Instead, “work”...

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NatureFresh Farms capitalizes on new digital technologies to grow its business

NatureFresh Farms is a business that grows more than tomatoes, bell peppers and other certified organic products, it also nurtures...

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Lazaridis School training executives to be disruptors

A unique executive master’s degree program designed to prepare leaders for digital disruption will change the way Canadian companies innovate,...

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