Vendors push more VoIP tools

Vendors are readying tools that move beyond helping companies prep their networks to handle VoIP and that focus instead on how well VoIP networks are running.

The latest offerings, from companies such as Brix Networks and EMC/SMARTS, take into consideration that production VoIP networks have become more widespread and that customers are starting to identify specific management obstacles.

New offerings will address issues such as troubleshooting, performance and availability.

“It’s the nuances of converged networks” that companies are dealing with now, says Michael Thurk, group vice-president of Avaya’s enterprise communications group.

VoIP management was a hot topic at the recent Voice on the Net (VON) conference in Boston, with vendors showcasing a wide range of wares.

While the show caters largely to carriers and their VoIP concerns, plenty of corporate network issues were also discussed and debated, including security and Session Initiation Protocol developments.

Among the companies that made announcements at the event is Apparent Networks, which says a new release of its AppareNet Enterprise Voice product has troubleshooting and ongoing monitoring features.

A version released earlier this year focused mainly on pre

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