Big data and data governance are both hot topics, writes April Reeve in Forbes magazine, but for the most part, they’re ships that pass in the night. Most companies have data governance programs, but they’re focused on data in relational databases; the volume of unstructured data is greater, and increasing steadily.
Meanwhile, companies aren’t getting the results they’re after from their content management systems because there hasn’t been sufficient governance designed into the implementations.
Don’t do big data analytics alone, says expert

Reeve outlines two challenges to governance of big data. First, tagging and filing of unstructured data must become an automated process, since the volume is beyond the capabilities of manual processing. Second, analysis must move beyond the silos of structured and unstructured data, crossing data types for search and analysis.
Read the full Forbes article here, and visit Reeve’s Master Data in Big Data Management blog for tips on linking structured and unstructured data and automating tagging.


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