Is the desktop office phone obsolete? Geared towards smaller enterprises, Roger Communications today announced a new mobile offering that claims to eliminate the need for a landline phone.

The software product, dubbed Rogers Unison, enables businesses to connect with customers and employees regardless of location via a web-based portal and mobile devices. The solution includes features such as an automated answering system, the ability to route incoming calls across the employee team (ensuring clients aren’t on hold for an extended period), and the capability to create ‘dual identities’ to ensure a local presence in multiple regions by adding and routing ‘local’ numbers from multiple regions to their mobile device.

The company claims that small businesses can save at least 40 per cent of costs by cutting the cord to their traditional desk phone — translating to at least $300-600 a year.

The Rogers Unison solution is available now, with a version geared towards larger businesses and the public sector available later this year, according to the company.

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