Robbers steal iPads from Microsoft HQ

We can probably post another survey indicating how Apple’s iPad is lording it over other tablets in the market, but this report probably tells the story better.

Police said robbers broke into the Mountain View campus of Microsoft Corp. last Wednesday and made off with several tablet devices. No, they were not the recently released Microsoft Surface machines but rather the loot consisted of two iPad 2s, two iPad 3s and an iPad 4, according to the report from the Daily Post of Palo Alto, Calif. The police, the paper said, did not mention whether any Microsoft product was stolen.

Many industry analysts have predicted that limited distribution and mixed reviews would dampen public appetite for the new Microsoft tablet, but to be snubbed by thieves who broke into the company’s primary research and design facility is certainly the height of insult.


Surface sales modest, says Microsoft
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Industry analyst project that sales of Microsoft’s Surface, which doesn’t seem to be much of a decisive price or feature advantage over iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, will be far from stellar and company CEO Steve Balmer himself admits that sales of the tablet have gone “modestly.”

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