RIM still hopes to licence OS: CEO

We’re 10 days away from the launch of BlackBerry 10, and that means at least 10 days of marketing about the operating system and handsets that Research In Motion is betting on to save the company.

Not all of it, however, will be in English. For all of you who read German, you can take in the interview RIM CEO Thorsten Heins had recently with the newspaper Die Welt to learn his latest thinking.
The Web site Tech Crunch has had a stab at translating it, and it boils down to a lot of what has been said before – RIM might licence the operating system to other handset makers, but first it has to establish there’s demand for new operating system.
However, he did say that might get out of producing its handsets, something that many assumed was on the table in the nin-month old ongoing strategic review. Nevertheless, RIM stock jumped this morning.

Meanwhile, over the weekend RIM re-branded its app store, which is now called BlackBerry World.

This comes as RIM held its last Port-a-Thon, a marathon two-day challenge for developers to submit newly-created or new release BB10 applications in an attempt to boost the number of apps in BlackBerry World.

According to Crackberry.com, just over 19,000 apps were submitted.

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