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A Quebec city native has been appointed the new head of Canadian operations at predictive analytics software company.

Kevin Deveau was named to the post this week by Fair Isaac Corp., more commonly known by its acronym FICO. He will lead the team responsible for growing the company’s market share here, FICO said in a statement.

He joined FICO four years ago after serving as chief operating officer at ICOD Inc., which makes cloud-based business and technology solutions for the financial services industry.

“FICO is poised for dramatic growth in Canada as the adoption of big data analytics becomes more widespread,” Deveau said in a statement. “FICO works closely with a range of Canadian clients, from the major banks to insurers to leading retailers, helping them gain an analytic advantage over their competitors.”

“Kevin has achieved a tremendous amount of success during his four years at FICO, and his experience with clients in financial services, FICO’s core business sector, is invaluable,” David Vonk, FICO’s vice-president of client services, said in a statement. “In his new role, he will lead our team in providing advanced predictive analytics and decision management solutions that will help our clients thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

FICO sells analytic software and tools to help organizations manage risk, fight fraud and leverage customer relationships. Its products include the FICO Score for measuring consumer credit risk used by some Canadian lenders.

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