Nasuni, Backupify offer cloud-to-cloud backup options

Enterprise users are getting more options for backing up cloud services to the cloud.

Nasuni Corp. today introduced its new cloud-to-cloud mirroring service for large companies seeking data protection in case of service outages. The company provide backup services that run on top of larger cloud storage companies such as Amazon S3.

Backupify Inc. backs up consumers’ and enterprise users’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) data to Amazon S3 so that they have a copy of their own copy of data from services such as, Google Apps, Face and Twitter.
The company’s new offering allows users to backup data to a different cloud including Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Storage and Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Backupify will still use S3 to process customers’ content but it will no longer keep the data in its own S3 bucket.



Nasuni provides enterprise uses access to their data through an on-site hardware while storing actual content on S3 or Windows Azure.

Today, the company announced availability of an additional option for users to mirror their data in a secondary cloud.

With Nasuni’s Cloud Mirroring service, customers with S3 as their primary cloud can have their data mirrored in Azure or vice-versa.

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