Microsoft/DOJ editorial was a good piece of journalism

It is nice to finally see some informed writing about Microsoft and the DOJ case. (“Change of opinion: Microsoft and the DOJ,” CWC, April 21, 2000, page 14.)

It seems that most people who are writing about Microsoft haven’t the first clue of the company’s grey past, or anti-competitive past; all they seem to care about is the FUD the company is spreading in the markets. Finally, someone who has done some reading/research into Microsoft!

I share the sentiment that Microsoft does have some good products, however, at what cost to the industry have these products come to market? What would WordPerfect be like today, if still led by the same development team? I believe that GUIs were inevitable. Would we have worked better if other products like DR DOS evolved into better multitasking products? It is difficult to say.

So thank you for your informed opinion, it was the nicest piece of

journalism I’ve read in awhile.