Kiosks add new dimension to buying milk

Things to do at your local convenience store: buy a Slurpee, pick up a newspaper, fill up with gas, buy a lottery ticket and squeeze in a quick chat with your pal in Miami to see exactly how big that tattoo really is. Well, maybe this isn’t exactly your normal trip to the store quite yet, but Info Touch Technologies and Eyeball Networks are hoping to change that.

The two Canadian-based companies have teamed up to bring video communication-enabled Internet kiosk systems to a convenience store near you.

According to Hamed Shahbazi, chairman and CEO of Info Touch Technologies Corp. in Burnaby, B.C., this new technology is “kind of like something out of the Jetsons.”

The kiosks integrate Eyeball’s video communication software with Info Touch’s kiosk management Surfnet software to provide kiosk-to-kiosk and kiosk-to-PC video conferencing. This means that if your pal in Miami with that