Published: December 11th, 2009

Cormine Intelligent Data is calling Zoogma a search and analysis “intelligence platform” atop which customers can build their own interfaces. Alex Emmermann, general manager for the Suffolk, Virginia-based vendor, said Zoogma uses statistics, natural language processing and text and semantic search to find clues in unstructured text. For instance, nouns, proper names and company names get identified in the body of an e-mail. “We can pull those out as metadata as well, and that’s metadata that was not there at the time the document was created,” said Emmermann. 

(LEFT) This search interface is an example of what can be built to search for a term across thousands of technology sites. Results are listed by category: recent events, top people, top organizations, top concepts. “The front page gives you a quick snapshot of what’s happening,” said Emmermann.


(RIGHT) This research portal was built atop the platform that helps users identify new technologies in the marketplace for areas like design-in, acquisition and partnering. The interface can be built to organize content by source and data posted, as well as user ratings.

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